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About Us

FormsPERX is a brand extension from PaydayPERX - providing great offers to employees from national brands, and saving employers on bottom line business expenses. Our FormsPERX W-2 program offers free tax form envelopes and pressure-sealed forms to employers, with offers from a major Tax Preparer as well as additional offers relevant at tax time to their employee recipients. The tax preparer and other participating national brands pay the cost of the forms, in return for placing their offers for employees to see! Our program is also great for payroll service providers, as we are able to pass through the free forms and offer a royalty payment to the provider on the basis of their volume. The more employers you work with and provide forms for, the larger your royalty at the end of tax season. PaydayPERX has been providing offers on employee-facing forms since 2002, and on tax forms since 2004. Our forms are IRS compliant and produced by the leading form printers in the industry, including Taylor/ComplyRight and Infoseal. We are able to offer free forms because of the volume of our printing, and the payment by national brands to cover the cost of the forms production. There is no gimmick and no additional obligation - just high quality forms at no cost to employers and payroll service providers, and awesome discounts off of tax prep and other relevant items for employees!