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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) We've received from new and returning customers over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top questions we've received from new and returning customers over the years.

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Question: Can I get samples to test?

Answer: Absolutely. We can provide blank or previous-run forms for testing. Please indicate this in the comments on your order and we will provide testing stock asap before printing and shipping final forms to you. If you confirm that the test forms will not work after you've placed an order and been billed but before final forms have been shipped, your shipping charges will be reversed and the order will be cancelled before shipping. Once final forms have shipped, the carrier will be due the shipping charges.

Question: Are these forms printed by the same printers as the ones I have to pay as much as $40 per box to buy on other sites?

Answer:Yes. These forms that you can receive for no printing or production costs - just shipping charges - are the same forms, printed by the same printers. Because of our print volume (over 20 million forms), we are able to work directly with the print manufacturers, avoiding the logistics and additional expenses of working through brokers for each deal. As a result, you receive the same high-security, IRS compliant, Made-In-America tax forms and envelopes as those you can buy through brokers or office supply stores - except these come with discount offers for employees, and the employers only pay the shipping.

Question: Can I order blank sheet-fed forms that go in the envelopes from FormsPERX/PaydayPERX?

Answer:Yes. We don't produce these forms, but we are able to give you a one-stop purchase experience at a competitive cost by contracting the purchase through the same print facilities we already work with. If you don't already have forms, let us know you are interested in the comments on your order and we will contact you immediately for more details to arrange the production and shipment.

Question: Can Payroll Service Providers or Payroll Software Providers partner into this program?

Answer: Yes. More than half of our total distribution is through our channel partners, and we offer a number of partnership configurations that generate a revenue stream for you with minimal change to your current business processes. Contact us using the form on the linked page, email us at or give us a call at 614-471-2435 and we'll set up a discovery call with you right away!

Question: Do you offer a file, print and mail service so I don't have to mess with the envelopes or forms at all?

Answer: Yes. We can facilitate all or any part of your tax filing chain, including filing, printing and mailing, through our enterprise partners. We can connect and conference you in with a number of providers and you can pursue the ones that suit your needs and budgets the best.

Question: Can you just send me the art files for the discount offers so I can work with my own printer?

Answer: Yes. Your printer will still charge whatever they charge for printing your forms, but the art files are black-and-white and should not cost anything additional to print on the reverse of your envelopes or the secure envelope outer wrapper panel of your pressure seal self-mailer forms. Rather than receiving the items for free, we will set up a revenue share program with you by which you receive the subsidy that the national brands kick in to pay for the cost of forms production with our printers, which will offset your costs by a few cents for each form that is given or mailed to an employee.

There is also a good chance that your print broker eventually places his or her order with one of the printers we already work with, as they are the leading tax forms printers in the US. Either way, we are able to provide artwork and a revenue share per piece that is mailed to an employee.

Question:Since the forms are free, shouldn't I just order the maximum number?

Answer: While this might seem to be a wise decision in case of printing issues or problems with the pressure sealer, you'll have to pay shipping costs for all those forms up front. More to the point, the national brands are picking up the cost of your actual printed, delivered forms - not for forms sitting in a warehouse. Since we're picking up the production costs, we reserve the right to view your verification of delivery should there be a discrepancy or should the national brands identify a given venue that showed very low redemptions relative to the number of offers. We don't often exercise that right, but we have to preserve the integrity of the program for our national brand network, and for the other employers using the service.