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    Pressure Sealed: W2f4CNp

    14” Printed EZ-Fold, 4 Corner (2 over 2) Copies - B,C, 2, 2
    (This product has a limit set to 30 item(s) per order)
    14” Printed EZ-Fold
    4 Corner (2 over 2) Pre-printed Copies - B,C, 2, 2
    Backer w/Instructions and Employee Special Offer for Tax prep
    1,000 FORMS PER ONE (1) BOX
    QTY 1 = 1,000 FORMS

    Requires pressure sealer

    Weight limit: Note that UPS shipping quotes are limited to 150 pounds total weight. If you need to order more materials than the commercial limit, WE CAN SHIP FREIGHT TO YOU, but this storefront can't calculate the pricing. Please contact our logistics at 614-471-2435 and we will arrange for your specific freight shipping needs (lift gate, Bill of Material, etc)
    • Model: W2f4CNp
    • Manufacturer:Infoseal